Rusa Trade International is one of the leading distributors of Plastic Raw Materials and Plastic Material. Our company has various ranges of plastic products that are used by different types of industries as raw materials. Plastic has various types of use in different types of industries and other sectors too. All industries use plastics in different form like Polyethylene is used in manufacturing of bottles and bags, while PVC is widely used in electronic wires, tapes, pipes and signs. Our company has direct consent with the giant industries like LLDPE, LDPE, PP, HDPE and PVC manufacturer’s world wide of all grade and applications. We also provide recycled plastic granules for different uses. Our company distributes the best quality of raw material to guarantee the finest quality of manufacturing standards because they are fabricated by using the latest technology and modern machines. We offer super quality raw materials in various colors such as blue, red, yellow, green and many more, which can be changed as per client's specifications. All these products have to go through with quality check that is performed by our experienced team of quality control. We assess and examine our products for their quality, strength, density and color quality to make sure that they distribute the excellent quality products to clients.